How to Handle Change Requests: When to be Flexible & When to Stand Firm

One of the most common questions our clients ask is: “Do I have to perform work that I believe is outside my scope just because the project owner directed me to do so?” The answer to this question has enormous potential consequences for contractors, who must choose between performing the requested work- often at significant cost-- or refusing to perform the work, and risk backcharges and even termination by the Read More

Public Owner’s Liability to Subcontractors and Suppliers for Failing to Obtain a Payment Bond as Required by Statute

As featured in Connstruction Summer 2017 A payment bond protects subcontractors and material suppliers against nonpayment.  Since mechanic’s liens cannot be filed against public property, the payment bond may be the only protection for subs and suppliers if they are not paid for the goods and services they provide to a public construction project. Given the importance of payment bonds on public projects, Read More

Connecticut Subcontractors Rejoice! Legislation Addressing Prompt Payment and Retainage Issues Passes with the Help of MKRB!

Subcontractors and suppliers in Connecticut have long struggled to receive prompt payment for their work on privately owned construction projects. Undisputed sums are often bogged down due to the presence of “pay when paid clauses” in contracts with general contractors, and many owners refuse to release retainage until months after a project is complete.    Now, thanks to recent legislative changes sponsored by Read More

Centerplan Files Motion to Delay Planned Construction at Hartford Ballpark

NBC Connecticut Interview with Steven Kaplan (video) Read More

How to Collect Your Money: Bonding and Retainage Seminar

Beth began the seminar by addressing the "Fairness in Construction Financing Act," which provides subcontractors with significant assistance in procuring payment, particularly retainage, on many types of private construction projects. The Act, which applies to private commercial and industrial construction contracts valued at more than $25,000.00, as well as residential contracts with more than four units, gives Read More