Mechanic’s Liens

Get Paid The Money You Are Owed

A mechanic’s lien is an effective method of ensuring that property owners will properly compensate contractors and subcontractors for the workmanship and materials used in improving a private property or site. If you have not been paid, you may seek foreclosure of the lien, which may include selling the property to collect what you are owed.

At Michelson, Kane, P.C., our services include:

  • Filing mechanic’s liens
  • Foreclosure of mechanic’s liens
  • Bonding off mechanic’s liens

We can also preserve and protect your interests when a lien has been wrongfully placed against your premises. In this instance, remedies include bringing an action to discharge the lien or reduce the amount of the lien. For additional information, check out our blog post on the subject.

Mechanic’s liens have very specific and complicated filing requirements. A mistake or delay can result in you losing your opportunity to collect the money owed to you. Contact us today to ensure that your mechanic’s lien is effective, so you can get paid.