MKRB Congratulates Partner Steven Kaplan, 2020 “Lawyer of the Year” in Construction Law (Hartford)! Click here to learn more.

Representative Cases:

  • Represented a contractor against a private owner and won an arbitration award of $1.4 million dollars.

  • Represented a surety against a defaulting contractor and recovered nearly $2 million dollars in indemnity claims.

  • Represented several subcontractors in a state court action against a Connecticut municipality that failed to obtain a satisfactory payment bond for the protection of subcontractors as required by statute. Successfully asserted a novel legal claim against the municipality that resulted in summary judgment being granted in favor of the unpaid subs.

  • Represented a subcontractor in state court with a mechanic’s lien foreclosure claim against a property owner, mortgage provider, title insurance company, and numerous other subcontractors for approximately $400,000. Successfully defended the validity and priority of the subcontractor’s lien and negotiated a favorable settlement prior to trial.

  • Represented a prime contractor in several inter-related arbitrations against the Connecticut Department of Transportation and recovered nearly $1 million dollars in claims.

  • Represented a subcontractor in claims against insurance carriers and recovered $625,000.00 in damages.

  • Represented a municipality in arbitration with claims against a contractor for defective work.

  • Represented the owner of an underground structure that suffered a partial collapse. Asserted and defended various claims involving the general contractor, architect, engineer, performance bond surety, subcontractors, suppliers and insurers. Negotiated a favorable settlement in the approximate amount of $2 million dollars.

  • Represented an excavation contractor in a state court action against the Metropolitan District Commission for unforeseen subsurface conditions and variations in estimated quantities. Negotiated a favorable settlement in the amount of $850,000.00.

  • Represented a subcontractor in a multi-party action in federal court against a payment bond surety, project owner, general contractor, and second-tier subcontractor for nonpayment on a multi-million dollar parking garage project. Negotiated a favorable settlement in the approximate amount of $550,000 following extensive motion practice and argument.

  • Represented a general contractor in an arbitration against residential property owners.  Successfully defended defective work claims involving numerous expert witnesses.  Awarded judgment for more than $275,000, almost the entire amount claimed by contractor.

  • Represented a surety in state court with a subrogation action against a general contractor for approximately $130,000. Awarded judgment for 100% of surety’s claim after a bench trial. Successfully briefed and argued the general contractor’s appeal before the Connecticut Supreme Court.

  • Represented a large Connecticut utility company in numerous actions brought in state court to collect unpaid fees for work performed by the contracting division of the company. Negotiated favorable settlements of all actions.

  • Represented a bridge builder in a state court action brought by a municipality alleging breach of contract and negligence. Negotiated settlement resulting in satisfactory installation of bridge and payment to builder.